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How can I create private images or make an image private/public?
How can I create private images or make an image private/public?

Private image creation

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Images created on Board are generated publicly by default. However, if you are a paid user, you can generate private images by clicking on the slider under Private Session.

For legacy Free plans, this setting does not persist between page loads, so when a page is refreshed, you'll need to select it again. Otherwise, this setting does persist for Pro subscribers.

To make a previously created image either private or public:

  1. Select Profile from the drop-down menu

  2. This will display a section entitled "My Images" with a gallery of all your previously created images.

  3. Click on "Select Images" and then choose the image(s) in your gallery that you want to make private or public by clicking on them.

    You can bulk select all images in between two given images by clicking on the first image and then clicking Shift+click on the second image.

  4. Select the ellipses (...) and then click "Make Private" or "Make Public," as desired.


Images created on Canvas are private by default. However, you can make them "public" by clicking on the image and then selecting "Publish" on the side panel that appears.

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