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Updated October 27, 2023

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We value our community of creators and want to ensure a safe, inclusive and inspiring environment for all. As such, we developed this content policy to provide guidelines on what you can and cannot use the Playground AI website, services, products and any related applications including our Discord server (collectively, “Playground”) for. “Content” herein refers to all images created and uploaded to, as well as all prompts utilized or words communicated in (in any language), Playground. Please adhere to this policy in your use of Playground or otherwise risk being removed.

Unacceptable Use

Do not generate or attempt to generate, post or make available, whether publicly or privately, the following types of Content:

  • Adult content: content meant to expressly arouse sexual excitement. This includes displaying pornographic or sexual activity, describing sexual activity and promoting illicit sexual services or commercial activity linked to sexual products or adult content creation.

    • This includes: sexual acts involving fictional characters (e.g., anime) and animals, content relating to sexual fetishes (e.g. BDSM and other acronyms) and obvious attempts to evade our safety filters (e.g., misspelling p0rn, inclusion of adult film actors, etc.).

  • Exploitation of children: content depicting children in a way that encourages or promotes attraction towards or sexualization of them

    • If you have any doubts about content in this category, you should refrain. A perfect brightline does not exist so for anything in the gray area, we will moderate conservatively. As some guidance: young girl/boy/teen in their bikini/bra/underwear is problematic (it’s even worse if you negative prompt the clothing); anything “bulging” is unlikely to pass muster; and prompting “eighteen” does not necessarily make it acceptable.

  • Hate Speech: content that expresses, instigates or supports discrimination on the basis of identity, including race, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, gender, nationality and sexual orientation

    • Examples include: racial slurs like the N word and animal metaphors for any race or identity.

  • Harassment: content that intends to harass, threaten or bully an individual or group of individuals

  • Violence: content that promotes or glorifies excess violence/gore or that threatens, incites or celebrates terrorism, genocide or violence against or the suffering or humiliation of others

    • Examples include: terrorist propaganda, shooting into an orphanage and mass executions/beheadings.

  • Self-harm: content that promotes, encourages, or depicts acts of self-harm, such as suicide, cutting and eating disorders

  • Deception/Misappropriation: content that is fraudulent, misleading, defaming, deceiving or that is misappropriated.

    • Examples include: creating deepfakes or celebrity nude generations, using images to defraud or spread disinformation and strictly copying images of other users and publishing them as yours. The line between misappropriation and inspiration may be narrow at times, but repeated acts of identical (e.g., image to image at 100 image strength) or near identical plagiarism will be adjudicated conservatively.

  • Political: content expressly attempting to influence the political process or to be used for campaigning purposes

  • Illegal content: unlawful content is not acceptable on Playground. Be aware of and comply with the applicable laws of your jurisdiction.

  • Spam: unsolicited bulk content

Acceptable Use

Content that is not expressly prohibited above is acceptable to create on Playground. However, the following should be created privately, not publicly, given their nature:

  • Moderately sexual content that includes partial nudity, as well as provocative clothing (e.g. bikinis, lingerie, thongs, exposing cleavage or backsides, etc.)

  • Moderately violent content

  • Offensive content that could offend a reasonable person, including obscene gestures, indecent content that is posted for shock value and profane materials.

    • Examples include: people eating fecal matter and content displaying profanity (in the image, title or prompt).

  • Content depicting illegal activities, drugs or drug use

Repeatedly generating public content which should be private pursuant to this policy also constitutes violation of this policy.

Reporting and Monitoring

Please report any suspected violations of this policy to our team by either clicking on “Report image” or by contacting us via the Help option (chat support). If it may not be self-evident why a particular image is being reported, we’d encourage you to share more details with us via support. We will thoroughly investigate all reports and take action, as appropriate.

In addition to reviewing user reported violations, we also regularly monitor all public and private generations on the Playground site to ensure compliance with this policy.

Actions We Will Take

In enforcing this policy, we will take the following moderation actions, at our discretion:

  • Dismiss a reported violation

  • Make content private

  • Remove content from the site

  • Disable a user’s account

We understand that the nature of our nascent technology means that inadvertent violations may occur as we all explore its functionality. We also recognize that guidelines will not perfectly cover all circumstances, so nuanced review is required. As such, we will take the path of least censure in our review and always aim for a fair outcome. However, repeated and/or clear violations of this policy will result in us taking moderation actions, including disabling your account & terminating your access to Playground through that account, immediately.

Contact Us

If you have any doubt about whether your content or intended use of Playground is acceptable, or if you have any general questions about this policy, please contact us through the Help function on the site.

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